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Broadband crushed slow dial-up in part due to users’ hunger for speedy, sexy data…porn.


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Pornographic Web sites test drove online payment systems as ways to make quick bucks while everyone else bit their nails and waited years for Pay Pal.One of the first popular uses of the printing press was to publish pornographic writing and imagery.Today it’s a multi-billion dollar industry powered by the human psyche and high technology.It’s hard to put a finger on it precisely, but the U. porn industry alone is probably worth a long way north of billion per year.

Remember the famous adage: “If all the porn was clensed from the Internet, then there’s just be a single Web site in the world. '” Porn has always been with us, and probably always will in one form or another. This 21st Century device is likely to be a ripsnorting sales success around the globe, if the i Phone’s runaway wins are anything to go by.Mainstream media companies aren’t the only ones gearing up for the launch of the i Pad this Saturday.i Pad users will also soon have access to plenty of porn optimized for Apple’s (s AAPL) touch-screen device, thanks to a number of studios working feverishly on converting their catalogs over and optimizing existing mobile offerings.Websites run by Digital Playground will automatically recognize i Pad users and serve up h.264 HD videos.Not likely in the form of apps–Apple’s always maintained a fairly stiff line on adult content in the app store, and has recently gone on a highly puritanical purge to remove apps that are even mildly suggestive, resulting in over 5,000 apps being ditched from the app store.