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First, I'm not going to go after your views, but I am going to say a few things: 1. Now if she want's to make a string of movies that involve her sucking black cock, then i don't want to hear her bitch about it two years from now when she keeps getting typecast as the ghetto fuckslut.

Does it really matter if the characters that Julia Stiles plays just so happen to get with black guys? I see Save the Last Dance & at no time did they show her sucking any cock.

Other than that, lots of people in Hollywood tend to be narcissistic, and it's hard to have a relationship with someone like that. J: I have pessimistic moments when I think I should go on a diet because people are paying money to see movies with exceptional-looking actresses.

But being in college has helped me realize that the best thing I can do is to feel good about myself and forget about other peoples standards. J: I've turned down a lot of roles because of modesty.

But as a general rule, yes, i think is preferable to stay within your own race.

Not because of any racist views, just b/c the difference in cultures are hard to deal with in the relationship sometimes.

Just last week, Shawn wrapped up the North American leg of his tour.

The performance was seriously emotional and totally gorgeous. Well, for one, she wrote the theme song when she was still just a teen.

Her other credits include 5H's "Miss Movin' On," Hailee Steinfeld's "Love Myself," the Biebs' "Sorry," Selena's "Hands to Myself" and "Bad Liar," Nick Jonas' "Chainsaw," and Lea Michele's "Truce." And that's not even half of the full list.

That's mighty small minded of you, just imagine what kind of world this place would be if we couldn't date different people from different cultures.

Let me explain to you the context of the situation.

The 30-year-old actress and David, 37, star in the upcoming film, which is about two couples who meet as old friends and discover their lives are tainted by money, success, sex and children.