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Magic for Nothing (March 7th 2017, DAW) brings the youngest member of the current generation to the center of the ring: meet Antimony Price.Angry, restless, and dealing with more problems than even her family knows, Annie is not thrilled to be sent undercover to clean up her sister's mess.An app that will help you find the BEST deals on all of your favorite things?Then you can even follow specific stores to find deals for the stores you frequent.

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Things are going well..least until people start getting turned to stone, and he finds himself in the unenviable position of trying to juggle both sides of his profession as he tries, desperately, not to get anyone else killed.

But when the monsters can think and plan, how are Alex and Shelby supposed to stop them? Chaos Choreography (March 1st 2016, DAW) takes us back to Verity Price, who has just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime: Dance or Die, the reality show that helped her to launch her dancing career, is hosting an all-star season, and she's been asked to return to the stage. She's almost been caught by the Covenant once, and now that she's married to a known traitor, there's no way they won't be watching for signs that something is going on.