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Barrett was probably beginning to learn that being in a romantic relationship Mc Intyre was like being a subject of one of his songs.The loving couple were engaged for five months before making the ultimate commitment of marriage in 2003.When the band was reaching the highest peaks, Mc Intyre was barely passed puberty.He was seen as the nice guy that wouldn’t break any girl’s heat.

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Being a member of a famous boy band has made Mc Intyre the target of many rumors.The interesting thing was Mc Intyre was actually her first client.Imagine starting out on your job and getting a well known celebrity as your first client. Joey Mc Intyre: But very loving, and very nurturing and very sweet at the same time. Perez: And you’ll do that again next year, most likely? Cause if we don’t have fun, it’s gonna show up [on stage] and we want to make it fresh and exciting. We did some cool things in between that, and then [going on tour with] The Backsteet Boys is a whole other thing — it was great. We’re starting to actually make some more music because we’re happy with the record we made in 2008, so we’re getting back to the studio. Joey Mc Intyre: Yes Perez: You should do like, a Sexy Jams album. Joey Mc Intyre: Like, (singing) “Let me lick you up and down?