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It was later confirmed that Mc Intyre was involved with her but he claimed was too drunk to remember anything.It wasn’t the first time Mc Intyre would be accused of cheating on his wife.It was innocent at first because all of the band members were present.Everyone cleared out except for Mc Intyre and the woman.Barrett was probably beginning to learn that being in a romantic relationship Mc Intyre was like being a subject of one of his songs.The loving couple were engaged for five months before making the ultimate commitment of marriage in 2003.

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You've already seen Part 1 of the interview, (If you haven't WTF is wrong with you? ) where Joey dished on Britney Spears, and his BEEF with One Direction and The Wanted! PRESS PLAY to watch our magical interview with hottie (above) and read excerpts from our little chit-chat AFTER THE JUMP!! Fame and money changes your morals, it’s silly to think that a boy band member would be able to resist the temptations that come by on a nightly basis. It’s expected that these women would try to hit on the boy band members any chance they got.Mc Intyre was just keeping his options open while pretending to be a faithful husband.The most known controversy involved a Brazilian women in a hotel.

According to the gossip pages, Mc Intyre and the woman met after a show for dinner. All the money those acts have made owe a large amount of their success to Joey and his groundbreaking pop group.Mc Intyre and his wife, Barrett Williams have three children together. Barrett was working as a real estate agent that struck gold when she met Mc Intyre.Mc Intyre was attracted to her and decided to go beyond business and makes things more personal and intimate.

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