Who is jay hernandez dating

28-Feb-2018 13:16

Deutscher also doesn't seem to have any social media accounts, but since she's supported Hernandez and his projects over the past few years, it seems that the couple have a strong marriage and relationship that they intend on keeping under wraps.It's clearly been working pretty well for them so far!Jay Hernandez is currently married to Daniella Deutscher.

Jay is an American actor belonging with the American nationality who was born in Montebello, California of United States and now he is living in Los Angeles, California.This was my fifth visit to Thailand and Simon's first; I wanted him to experience with me the lush green of the land, the smells, the sunshine, the ocean, the food exploding with taste in your mouth, the culture, and most important, the people.The Thais are the kindest people I ever met, and it comes from inside - it's not learned, it's natural.He is now popular as his stage name Jay Hernandez and from the year 199 till the current time Jay is known to be popular within the television as an actor.

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Hernandez is the son of a secretary whose name is Isis as well as he is an accountant.2000 - 2000The two costared in the teen romance movie "Crazy/Beautiful," sharing some very steamy bedroom scenes together.Off screen, there were rumors the two were getting cozy, but nothing was ever confirmed.I was in Thailand, a country I loved, with my love, Simon Atlee.