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The winch springs into action, pulling her toward a ramp at 30 mph.She lets go, and in an instant, the barrel starts to wobble and careens off course on two wheels. "I was a sitting duck." Her right elbow hits scaffolding, and then her face smashes into a pole a couple of feet away.A motocross champion and the first female member of Nitro Circus, she has launched a new career as a Hollywood stuntwoman.And as she looks in her bathroom mirror and washes away the gloss, she admits she doesn't know which Jolene the reflection will reveal."She picked it up like a natural." For four months that fall, Van Vugt put on the Lycra catsuit, elbow pads, a helmet and brunette wig, and applied layers of foam sealant and talc to protect her skin from the leather gloves and boots. "I didn't want anybody to know or to think I was high-maintenance," Van Vugt says."But my hands started breaking out in massive red, itchy patches, and the makeup lady noticed." On days she didn't pilot the Batpod, the crew tutored her-how to drive a police car, handle weapons, get blown up.In Van Vugt, Pastrana found something he hadn't in other riders: a commitment level on a par with his own.He started inviting her to video shoots for Nitro Circus, his group of action sports athletes.

Jolene Van Vugt is a professional Canadian motocross racer. Then the eye makeup and foundation that today's makeup artist used to soften the imperfections.Over the past few months, Jolene Van Vugt, 36, has grown accustomed to looking not quite like herself.She's here to ride the machine in front of her, and she isn't even sure how to mount it.

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"The Batpod is not a motorcycle," says Tom Struthers, stunt coordinator for Christopher Nolan's .Then in September 2015, one day before her 35th birthday, her world came crashing down. In the clip, she's seated in a plastic whiskey barrel, her head and shoulders exposed and a towrope in her hand.*** Van Vugt has never watched footage of the accident that nearly killed her. On this test run, she's trying out a winch that will replace a 50-foot ramp and the whiskey barrel, a new contraption similar to her motorized Barbie car.*** The opening notes of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" fill a Madrid arena as Van Vugt rips her Suzuki RM-Z250 toward a motocross ramp. " She doesn't know it, but this will be the final backflip of her Nitro career.