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Though Leslie always means well, her level of caring can be overwhelming at times.As Valentine’s Day approaches in the episode “Operation Ann,” Leslie vows, “Ann, you beautiful spinster, I will find you love.” Focused on her desire to make Ann happy, she continually tries to set Ann up with various men at a Valentine’s Day party.It would have been refreshing to see Ann take this step with the support of her best friend, but things take a turn for the traditional after Ann asks Chris to be the sperm donor.

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This is particularly telling, because Ann’s main arc in the episode is complaining to April, Donna, Tom, Ron, and Jerry about Chris’s overbearing attentiveness.Ben Wyatt, who, as Leslie’s husband, shares Ann’s guilt, joins forces with Ann in this episode.Inevitably they both realize how lucky they are to have someone in their lives who cares so deeply for them.In the scene, Jerry asks when she and Chris are getting married, leading Chris to propose to her in the middle of the courtyard.

At the start of the series, Ann Perkins was dating Andy Dwyer, her live-in boyfriend. Ann matured faster than Andy did and, while Ann entered into a career in nursing, Andy remained lazy, spoiled and unemployed. After Andy falls into a large pit next to her apartment and breaks his legs, Ann is inspired to attend parks and.… continue reading »

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Jan 15, 2010. Well, last night another real-life couple shared the small screen with hilarious results when Will Arnett played Leslie Knope's blind date on Parks and Recreation. Leslie, looking to get back into the dating world, asked Ann to set her up with a man. Despite having shared a spark with Ann's lawyer friend.… continue reading »

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Feb 7, 2014. Parks and Recreation Recap “Ann and Chris”–This Is Normal. “Oh Ann. Parks has always had one of the best memories on television, and “Ann and Chris” was a Buddy Box full of callbacks. We began by. Ann handed the Pawnee dating scene to Donna, who had her back at that singles' night. Dating is.… continue reading »

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The Best Lines From Parks and Rec's "Ann and Chris" Goodbye Episode. By. Megan Angelo. January 31, 2014 am. We've been discussing dreading it. But now that you're out of the dating pool, you know I'm gonna run this town, right?" Leslie "Holy mother of Malia! And Sasha. I love them both equally." Ann "Leslie.… continue reading »

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Jan 25, 2015. Leslie holds a garage sale fundraiser for him where a newly self-aware Ann sells many boxes of now-useless items relating to phases inspired by various boyfriends. She also tries to auction off a date with poor Ann, who's just not interested in dating right now. Meanwhile, we learn Donna is queen of.… continue reading »

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Feb 23, 2015. As we prepare to say goodbye to 'Parks and Recreation,' we look at how the love story between April and Andy Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt marked. Andy doesn't have any real reason to be on the show once he and Ann aren't dating, and giving him the shoeshine franchise at the Pawnee City Hall felt.… continue reading »

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