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In July 2009, Fletcher made the move from Trainee DC to a fully-fledged DC.Fletcher left Sun Hill in January 2010, when he transferred to another station as a Sergeant.DC Drummond tried his best to persuade Fairfax to return but when he refused, DC Drummond went to arrest him.Fairfax retaliated by knocking DC Drummond unconscious and handcuffing him in a petrol-doused van and drove towards Sun Hill police station.Despite being beaten up on Keane's wedding day after she revealed to Hinckley that she slept with Will and being able to prove that Hinckley was behind the attack, he turned up at the wedding to wish them well.

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He is a fan of cars and motorcycles—on his first day he drove to work without his hands on the wheel as he tried to read a map—in his spare time, he enjoys boxing.

The characters are all police officers or civilian staff at the fictional Sun Hill police station in London.

PC Francis "Taffy" Edwards was known as the 'thin streak of Welsh misery'.

He was inspired to join the police by a friend of his father's, who was an Area Car driver in the police force and often told him about his work.

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Like most others at Sun Hill, he did his training at Hendon.Fletcher transferred to CID in August 2008, after his police work impressed DI Manson.He was the first uniformed officer to transfer to CID since DC Gary Best.After brushes with pigs, chickens and assorted oddballs, he asked for a transfer back to Wales.