Vt dating joomla template

31-Aug-2017 14:57

Since its launch, back in 2005, Joomla has gone through lots of changes.If we compare the 1.0 version to the latest version 3.x it looks like a whole other CMS, however the core concept did not changed.Most hosting providers offer different tools to make Joomla installation automated and skip the long and complicated manual installation process.

I invite you to download my free joomla templates and use them for your projects.Due to high number of comments and requests I receive through this website, I'm not able to answer all emails and comments. However, I will try to provide support and update the templates to work with the latest Joomla version.Currently all templates has been tested with Joomla 3.8.3 If you have found a bug in any of my templates, please submit a comment and will try to make the necessary changes as soon as possible. If you prefer to use a free joomla template, you can choose from the themes found on Joomla First of all, you can use them for free for your personal as well commercial website.

Second, the templates are very simple, can be easily modified and customized for your preference.

Further information about our Virtuemart template can be found below at this page.