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Ussher also argued that Day 1 of creation was October 23.On the surface, this does seem a bit extreme to suggest such a specific date—but when one studies what Ussher did, one quickly realizes he was a brilliant scholar who had very good reasons for his conclusions concerning the date of creation.They had to drop days from it every now and then to keep the seasons from drifting.When Julius Caesar reformed the calendar, he adopted basically the same system we now use, with twelve months of various lengths.

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At least, it does now, thanks to some juggling of the calendar.Ussher meticulously researched the secular accounts of history and found that the Bible correlated with them.Ussher dedicated several years of his life to compiling a history of the world from creation to AD 70. and 11, together with other Bible passages that we will consider.In fact, before the Persian Empire (approximately the sixth to third centuries BC) very little is known from any source about Greek, Roman and Egyptian history or the history of other nations; much rests on speculation and myths.