Updating windows live essentials 2016

09-Jun-2017 08:17

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The history of Windows Essentials is kind of interesting, and speaks to Microsoft’s ever-changing strategy with Windows.At a high level, you may argue that Windows 8 was a kitchen-sink release, since it came with (basic) built-in apps for all kinds of things.If you're in trouble, and you can find him, maybe you can ask him a question. 2012 Active Sync Answer File Backup CALS Certification Client Backup Connect Connector Customisation Dashboard Deployment DHCP DNS ebook Email Error Essentials Essentials 2012 Essentials 2012 R2 Essentials Experience Exchange Exchange 2010 Exchange Online GFI GPO IE Install i Phone MCP MDT Microsoft Migration MSP Office 365 Outlook PAO Password Power Shell Power Shell Premium Addon Printer RDP recovery Reminder Restore RWA RWA SSL SBS SBS. For the past several versions of Windows, I’ve recommended Windows Essentials as an obvious way to “complete” the Windows experience with several important utilities. A blog editor that works with a now somewhat-dated list of blog services. The firm has gone back and forth deciding whether Windows should satisfy every need or be stripped down to its bare essentials.

This week I had a Skype conversation with a fellow MVP and friend from Brazil, Daniel Santos.

And the universal apps that Microsoft bundles with Windows 10 simply aren’t up to the task. Windows Essentials, available from com, bundles a number of useful desktop apps together. This provides photo editing, organization and sharing, but the reason I still use it is that it provides the best experience for photo acquisition; that is, copying or moving photos from a phone or camera to your PC. The desktop client for Microsoft’s cloud storage service. Windows Vista, for example, was a kitchen-sink approach, while Windows 7—the apex for Windows Essentials—was stripped down.

To answer my own semi-rhetorical question/headline, my understanding is that Windows Essentials has in fact been end-of-life’d, and that Microsoft has no intention of upgrading or updating it. But Windows Essentials has been in a holding pattern since the release of Windows 8.

On August 25, 2006, Microsoft began seeking testers for their invitation-only Windows Live service named Windows Live Essentials.

It was very similar to Google Pack in that it allows users to discover, install, and maintain a number of Windows Live application programs.

I volunteered to login to his server and check it out.