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03-Jan-2018 16:50

info about time and place)Added: Custom scenario name is now shown also in diary Added: SMG optic variants to appropriate ammo boxes Added 6.5mm LMG sound suppressor into INDEP support ammo box for M200 machine-gun Added: Possibility to disable randomization and set a color to randomized vehicles by using this set Variable ["color", X] in the init of the vehicle where X is a number ranging from 0 to the number of skins (minus 1). modes" by adding a specific suppressor for MX SWFixed: Offroad braking on its own too much Fixed: Players should now be able to distinguish AH-99 'Blackfoot' as itself, not just as a 'Helicopter'Fixed: Casings from Ghosthawk's left gun are no longer ejected from the right gun (

If the number is out of range, the skin is still randomized. id=17621)Animals should have textures even when not local in MPRe-introduced radar for AAAs Adjusted geometry of the cargo deck and decreased roadway levitation of Trawler You weren't able to show hints when tutorial hints were disabled.

Adjusted: Mass of barrels to reflect their contents Changed: Damage property of buckets from building to tree so that they fall over Changed: Penetration materials so that the geometry of the dome of all radars is consistent Changed: Penetration material of metal parts to make it consistent through stages of the tent hangar Mapped granite penetration material instead of concrete on ancient walls Checked and fixed penetration materials and properties of walls Mapped concrete penetration material on the base of phone booths Minor code and debug print adjustments Potential campaign spoilers: Implemented: Patrol squad and vehicles Implemented: Patrol spawnpoint selection String "Camps" replaced for reference to already localized string Commands weapons Items and magazines Ammo replaced for *Cargo versions Removed: Checking of persistent variables against Adjusted: Loadout of several units on hubs Functions now support vests and uniforms as containers Container functions updated to use accurate magazines Ammo, that was recently updated to work with containers as well Thanks to command add Item being fixed, there are now goggles / glasses in the hub Armory Hub markers added to strategic map - for quick start and skirmish spawnpoint selection Improved: Hub marker visuals There is now a simple get in animation played when "start patrol" is executed Friendly fire is now monitored also on patrol vehicles and crew Updated: Hub composition Added: Patrol starting points Adjusted: Skirmish triggers Added: Cargo content interaction with pool Patrol characters now properly interact with the pool Patrol character identities are now correctly set Patrol tasks on hub now point to the suggested transport vehicle Added: Customization template definitions for all randomized vehicles Added: Template for patrol squad members If player loses a car, he gets a new default one, once he arrives back on the hub On-hub scene when player returns from patrol is now created Added: System for persistent customization Patrol trigger now shows the spawn point location on the map Localized: User action label BIS_fnc_ambient Anim Combat doesn't attach the unit anymore Added: Possibility to define bottom text, hide labels at mission markers and define a custom mission marker texture Uniforms added via force Add Uniform when needed Added: Some micro compositions for patrol Added: Support for multiple vehicles returning from patrol.

Only the player's vehicle will appear on the hub, but the cargo of all vehicles get stored to the pool.

A Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users.

It contains the previous significant main branch version (1.24).

This may just be temporary while we address issues with this low-level networking feature.

Fixed: Stack overflow crash Fixed: Missing console logging on servers: Fixed: Damage and destruction materials for Hunter, Greyhawk and Offroad variants Fixed: Altian civilians should speak their language correctly Fixed: Demolition charge has correct model when dropped from inventory Fixed: Mi-48 optics Fixed: It was possible to access Arsenal on a destroyed ammo box Fixed: Sound of Wipeout rocket explosions Fixed: Alternative sights don't have optic effects from main sights anymore (

id=17937)Fixed: Script error in function BIS_fnc_spawn Group (id=16889)Fixed: Tactical vest camo ground model Fixed: Wrong default values (get Variable) in the fire and smoke effect modules fixed (it is only safety-check, it shouldn't have any impact on functionality)Fixed: Iron sights and camo of armed offroad Fixed: Dispersion and engagement ranges of TRG 20 and TRG 21 were switched Fixed: TT05 - tweaked misplaced barrier Fixed: Unknown Community Author for static weapons backpacks Fixed: Align of holographic reticle Fixed: Typo in strength of handbrake for quad bike Fixed: Aimpoint visibility at night for MRD attachment Fixed: Player can no longer respawn into vehicle stolen by an enemy Fixed: Tasks were not auto-assigned correctly Fixed: When a vehicle respawn position was moved while a vehicle was waiting for respawn, the vehicle was respawned on the position before the change Fixed: Deleting a vehicle while it was waiting for respawn caused a scripting error Fixed: Pressing Up and Enter while in the MP pause menu closed the Zeus interface Fixed: Zeroing on EBR's ironsights Fixed: CAS modules in the editor were not trigger activated Fixed and updated all helicopters with proper inventory loads Fixed: Camo selection on the Beanie Fixed: RPT error when spawning a lightning bolt Fixed: UI texture of Black MX with muzzle accessory Fixed: Geometries of UAV entities Fixed: Decelerons on the Wipeout so that they both extend to the same extent when banking Fixed: Map icon size of portable mortars, offroad variants and assault boats Fixed: Missing vehicle dust effects for desert surface (only on Altis)Fixed: Unable to throw grenade through window of d_house_small_02_v1_f.p3d (id=15704)Added: Stall warnings in HUDs of fixed-wings now flash Added: Altitude scales in HUDs of fixed-wings now show ASL instead of ATL. Added: Names and icons for Cfg Voice classes Added: Bubble particle effect module Added: Empty cartridges effect module Added: "Vote Kick" and "Vote Admin" buttons are now visible in the Players list on Dedicated Servers Added: Inertia coefficients for all weapons and their attachments Added: Sounds for more cutscene animations Added: Ability to set number to XX for a kart by adding: this set Variable [number, XX]; Added: New parameter DLC to Kart DLC assets (DLC = Kart;)Added: Camo selection to journalist vest to allow changing of its texture \ material Added: New sounds for reloading some weapons Added: Correct ammo icons for Zafir MGAdded: New zeroing adjustments for GL (50,75,100,150,200,250,300,350,400)Added: H_Booniehat_tan's ground holder Added: New textures for some of the caps Added: disable Inventory=false to both fuel pumps as preparation for fixing unwanted inventory space Added: Damage and map properties and plate selection to the geometry LOD of steel plate training targets Added: Possibility to turn on auto-refreshing of the unit identity on mission start (used for Win missions without hub)Updated: TRG mass Updated: Credits with new developers Updated: Duty values for some animations states Updated: Thermal signature of Mk200, Khaybar, Zubr and MXAdjusted: Guerrilla uniforms of various sides so they can only be picked by a character of their side Adjusted: Inventory radius of Supply Crates Adjusted: Selections for texture variations of Offroad Adjusted: Supply capacity of supply boxes Adjusted: Positions and radii of Mi-48 inventory supplies Adjusted: Fire mode volumes Adjusted: Side of shelters and sports ground assets so they can show up in Zeus Revised: Armor of lampposts in config and added as properties in their models Changed: vehicleclass for Sports Grounds_base_F from Structures to Structures_Sports Changed: Field Manual icon used for highlighting displayed hints Changed: Sounds for unsynchronized weapon reloading Changed volume for reloading Changed reloading sound of Zafir and Mk200Changed: Scope parameter of some of the headgear Changed: Sound for animations of lying wounded Ejection seats in planes now propel the pilot high enough to parachute (from ground)Increased mass of the UAV console Tweaked memory point for guns on the Stomper Rahim rifle is no longer able to attach Rail attachments Surface friction has been tweaked for various terrain types Increased supply radii of fuel/ammo/medical support trucks and substantially increased ammunition load of ammo trucks to fix the unpleasant issues where several vehicles were not able to reload a reasonable amount of ammunition for their weapons Removed inventory from Fuel Station Feed Optimized ladder actions Access set to Read and Write for cfg Moves Basic Ordering a medic to heal someone now displays the correct icon Changed volume for change of weapon fire mode Access to cfg Recoils set to Read and Write (see Added: color Picture parameters to List Box, XList Box and Combo Box Added: New sounds for getting in planes Added: Pressing Ctrl Shift C in Arsenal will export a load-out in config format, usable in Cfg Vehicles and Cfg Respawn Inventories. Added: Wheels of helicopters properly roll while taxiing Added: Transmission hit points to helicopters Added: Ability to completely disable ZGM moderator rights Added: New option for Vehicle Respawn module, which lets the vehicle respawn only on synchronized respawn positions Added: More crash sound variants for MRAPs, Offroad and Quadbike Tweaked: Shadow LOD of beanies Tweaked: Armor and mass of the party tent and winner's podium Tweaked: Destruction effects for quad bikes and karts Updated: Sounds for character roll animations Updated: Improved skinning of main back shield on VR_Protagonist_FUpdated: Optimized dust of some missile explosions Updated: Visual tweaks for the AAF officer Updated: Adjusted sound of fire mode selector on the Katiba rifle Changed: Heads of story characters are now part of Man_A3Changed: Fuel explosion power for land vehicles Changed: Set up correct fatigue exhaustion rate after the exhaustion rate multiplier gain from inventory load was fixed according to the original fatigue design Changed: Virtual Arsenal has been moved from Ui_f_Bootcamp to Ui_f Changed: Increased opacity of the Kajman's HUDChanged: Offroad maximum capacity Changed: Quad-bike maximum capacity Changed: Fuel explosion of various vehicle types has been tweaked Changed: Moved VR Training icons from Ui_f_Bootcamp to Ui_f Changed: Adjusted flare size of the Speedboat reflector Changed: Changed breathing speed coefficient to 10Changed: Adjusted positions of all UI elements in AV terminal Changed: OPFOR medic now has his rifle equipped with only a pointer by default just like medics of other factions Changed: OPFOR repair specialist now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Urban OPFOR medic now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Urban OPFOR explosive specialist now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Urban OPFOR engineer now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Slight tweak of sound gain of closure pistols Changed: Adjusted PAPI light material to shine at night Changed: Light helicopters are now available for CAS support Changed: Optimized character hit point settings.

Actual damage dealt should be less random and more predictable according to the respective body parts.

This differences applies to all weapons in all stances.