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Read more about this situation in the most recent SITREP.Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.

Lacey should always result in mission failure in Situation Normal Fixed: Error at mission start in Situation Normal Fixed: Friendly fire detection terminated in the final state of each mission in Bootcamp campaign Fixed: Adams' map marker is now in the correct location in Bootcamp campaign Added: Death Valley: Added savegame before the plane attack Fixed: Script error after clearing the town in Infantry Fixed: Mission wouldn't progress if the medic died while treating a soldier in Infantry ENGINEFixed: hide Object Global for Dedicated Servers Fixed: enable Simulation Global for Dedicated Servers Fixed: fuse Distance is properly calculated for EPE shots Fixed: Problem with color overflow in the VR world Fixed: Shaking of camera in extreme conditions when normal values for G shake are not set up Fixed: set Damage on static objects for JIPed players Fixed: Profile editing issue Fixed: Heading UI element in HUDs Fixed: Pi P when switching from vehicle to UAVFixed: Context menu can be accessed in tasks, main menu, players list FIxed: Headless Client should not start scenarios Fixed: Problems with create message ordering for JIPFixed: Possible CTD in selecting weapons Fixed: Deactivate mine action for AIFixed: UAVs do not have collision with units, but units do Fixed: add Magazine duplicates items when executed more than once Fixed: set Time Multiplier is no longer affecting wind change speed Fixed: UAV cannot be connected after set Captive true Fixed: Dedicated Server CTDFixed: Possible CTDFixed: Wrong initial path planning checks Fixed: lnb Value scripting command Fixed: UAV can not be hacked if set Captive is true Fixed: Problems with a wrong FSM for the mine deactivate action Fixed: CTD after pressing M in UAV terminal view (This may just be temporary while we address issues with this low-level networking feature.Fixed: Stack overflow crash Fixed: Missing console logging on servers: Fixed: Damage and destruction materials for Hunter, Greyhawk and Offroad variants Fixed: Altian civilians should speak their language correctly Fixed: Demolition charge has correct model when dropped from inventory Fixed: Mi-48 optics Fixed: It was possible to access Arsenal on a destroyed ammo box Fixed: Sound of Wipeout rocket explosions Fixed: Alternative sights don't have optic effects from main sights anymore (This differences applies to all weapons in all stances.