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18-Jan-2018 12:02

If the new version has bindings for application artifacts such as EJB JNDI names, EJB references or resource references, then those bindings will be part of the merged binding information.If new bindings are not present, then bindings are taken from the installed (old) version.If needed, in the Change Center, click the Lock & Edit button.Select the check box to the left of the benefits application in the Deployments table. Undeploying an application means stopping it, and then removing it from the configuration of the server(s) on which it was deployed.The web application's deployment descriptors have been modified to use a different context root (path) to access the application.After it has been downloaded, rename Return to the Deployments page of the administration console.

Then use the Stop drop-down list to select Force Stop Now.Finally, the tutorial shows how to undeploy the application.The following is a list of software requirements: Before starting this tutorial, you should have completed the Oracle by Example tutorials titled Oracle Web Logic Server 12c: Installing Web Logic Server and Creating a Domain and Oracle Web Logic Server 12c: Configuring Managed Servers.The path provides the location of the new module before installation.