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28-Nov-2017 15:17

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Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, Citrix Receiver, wireless/GPU firmware - are provided with their own licenses.

Every kiosk ISO downloaded from our site includes a copy of the GPL license which is placed in the "docs" folder inside the ISO. Porteus Kiosk is ready to be exposed on a public network without the fear of being modified or manipulated by inside users or outside intruders.

Another possibility is to use Porteus Kiosk for displaying information, advertisements, pictures or streaming videos to digital signage deployments.

It can also act as a diskless (if booted over a network) workstation in companies that use browsers as their main working tool, such as customer support centers.

When our system goes into production we strongly advise to install it on a PC hard drive.

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You no longer have to be a technical guru to customize, lock down and install your own kiosk.

ARM devices (Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Cubie Board, Beagle Bone, etc) are currently not supported by Porteus Kiosk although this may change in the future. Our operating system is available free for private users, companies and public institutions under the terms of the GPL license.

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