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12-Sep-2017 19:37

For the base repository, HEAD refers to the -CURRENT tree.For example, will probably be useful, for instance when merging changes to stable/7.But here’s another problem: Pkgsrc doesn’t seem to keep older releases around and I also haven’t found them mirrored anywhere on the net. Since we don’t control the server, there’s also no way to just add a parameter or something to make it work. Time to get CVS on my slightly more modern Free BSD 11, do the checkout there and tar it all up to copy it over via !We’re going to get 2007Q2 instead, though, since we need things that won’t work on Free BSD 4.11 with later versions.

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For more information about committing files in general, see the relevant section of this primer. In this case, as nothing is being merged from the deleted tree, they just get in the way.

For instance, if you merge a revision that changed a kernel , you would merge the kernel change to sys, and the userland bits to the appropriate userland directories, then commit all of these in one go.

BSD. For the ports tree, use % svn checkout svn+ssh. 3.3.4 Updating the Tree;… continue reading »

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Setting Up a FreeBSD SVN Mirror. such as or. Overwriting local changes when updating.… continue reading »

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BSD. Although for legal reasons FreeBSD cannot use the. or the granting of SVN commit. added ports/CHANGES and ports/UPDATING to FreeBSD Ports.… continue reading »

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This post is about the first part of updating this fresh 4.11 system to a state that. 2/4 – Digging up old graves. the ports tree for FreeBSD 4.… continue reading »

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The ports listed on these web pages are continually being updated. It is strongly recommended that you refresh the entire collection together, as many ports depend on.… continue reading »

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