Updating portage cache

11-Apr-2017 16:49

on a portable storage device (usb hard drive, flash memory, whatever your plan is), and take it to your internet connection.You may wish to add Heiko Herold's windows wget if you're stuck on the dark side.I like Gentoo, but it really wants a broadband internet connection.If your install doesn't have that luxury, but you have access to a machine that does, here's a way to get the files you need to update with. https://github.com/gentoo-mirror/this is a git repo that actually have metadata. -d $PORTDIR/metadata/md5-cache -o -d $PORTDIR/]; then echo "updating metadata cache ..." egencache --repo=gentoo --update fi fi /usr/bin/eix-update #! i will fix the problem with this [DEFAULT] main-repo = gentoo [gentoo] location = /usr/portage sync-type = git sync-uri = https://github.com/gentoo-mirror/auto-sync = yes Cheers!The overlay contains the newest development version of josm, including ebuilds of some plugins.

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=== Sync completed for gentoo q: Updating ebuild cache in /usr/portage ...

Hi, app-portage/portage-utils installs a postsync hook in /etc/portage/repo.postsync.d/q-reinit: #!

Note that, with a 33.6 connection a few hours after getting the portage-latest file. 18 minutes including the time to update the portage cache.… continue reading »

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Installation. To get the JOSM editor, enter the following command as superuser. Portage emerge -av josm Paludis paludis -i josm Overlay. The overlay contains the.… continue reading »

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Portage Help ; portage metadata cache empty 0; Sign in to follow this. Followers 1. portage metadata cache empty. Updating ebuild cache in /usr/portage.… continue reading »

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Then, what should I do to avoid 'q Updating ebuild cache in /usr/portage.' as well? Thanks, -- alarig Attachments. File name MIME type; signature.asc… continue reading »

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