Updating old mustang suspension

25-Aug-2017 09:37

Then screw back the bracket for the brake line and you are done on this side.Use exactly the same procedure on the other side of the car, and then reinstall the sway bar.Look at the "pig tail" at the lower end of the spring to make sure the rotation stays the same.

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The negative aspect of a lower ride height is that you risk scraping the lower parts of primarily the cars front in the ground for example when driving over speed bumps.

Replacing the front springs is a little bit more complicated than replacing the rear ones.

There are some more things that have to be removed before the springs can be replaced.

Remove the nut for the bolt holding the A-arm at the arrow in Figure 4.

You have to stop the bolt from spinning when removing the nut by using a socket and ratchet on the other side of the A-arm, which can also be seen in Figure 4.Sway bars, tubular control arms, leaf springs, drop spindles, front end rebuild kits, coil springs, shock absorbers and performance suspension kits will have your car or truck performing at its best.We have a very skilled team of technicians to help with any question you may have about our suspension systems. The calipers are held in place by two 15mm bolts on the back side of the caliper. The bolts you should remove are the two inward most bolts.

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