Updating nexus credit card info

29-Aug-2017 09:51

If Google were to resolve the path issue and repartition the card upon upgrade to something like /sdcard/user1, /sdcard/user2, etc, it would suddenly become incompatible with other devices. Ugly hacks come to mind, and if there's one thing I hate as a programmer, it's ugly hacks.Here is my take on the whole situation: In conclusion, let me quote chief Android framework engineer, walking Android encyclopedia, and fearless feline leader Dianne Hackborn who dropped some wisdom yesterday on G and put these thoughts in my head in the first place: Robert Mahon: Another thought about this sd-card stuff, might it have caused issues with the multi-user side of things in 4.2?

Participants in CBP's Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI program should visit the Global Online Enrollment System website to obtain their PASS ID, which is their KTN, or check the back of their card in the upper-left corner. Participants in the TSA Pre® application program should visit the Universal Enroll website to obtain their KTN or refer to their notification letter.

You may have read one explanation of Google's aversion to SD cards, which was brought up by Android engineer Dan Morrill last year: it's confusing to users to have multiple storage points, the insecure "free-for-all" area was not meant for private app data but rather for media, and essentially SD cards are the sources of all evil.