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01-Apr-2017 09:25

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Mint.com’s service seems to be more focused on catering to the masses.It’s very strong with budgeting and tracking expenses, but its investing area is simplistic at best.You then get a green leaf at the top of your toolbar that’s always running in the background.The app will alert you via badge notifications of changes to your finances.They have mobile apps for Apple’s i Phone, i Pad and Google’s Android.This makes it easy to access your finances on the go.

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Over the past several years I’ve taken for a test spin with my personal finances.I selected a mixture of: banking, credit cards, loans and investing brokerage accounts.Upon initial setup, seamlessly downloaded my financial data.It’s free to sign up and only takes a few seconds to add new accounts.

I picked ten personal accounts to test their service.

Just click on the “Show Details” button to view your credit score, payment history, age of credit accounts and lots more.

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