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I tried the Timer stuff in the Tool Box, but could not get through.(When i run the code, it compiles successfully and then the application freezes for one Hour due to the dirty For-Loops) Help !!

Welcome to the Old Fashioned / Steampunk Clocks Page These clocks are all made from original antique cases, be it wood / brass or a combination of the two.

Hi I have to design a Windows Form which has a simple textbox. I want to refresh the page every second and make the content of the textbox change accordingly.

The two big brass terminals are where the unknown load used to be connected.This is quite a long page and takes a while to load.It is basically my portfolio of Steampunk work, with the later pieces at the top and my first clocks at the bottom I also support the work of others, so dotted about the page are clocks from other talented makers that you may well be interested in.Wilson accompanied Bad Dog Designs to 2 Exhibitions, the picture above is him guarding all the Nixie clocks at the Grand Designs Live show in 2017, as well as keeping me company in the workshop..

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He's also been very popular on Social media with his own #Wilson hashtag Not a clock, the Array is a very accurate 18 channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer.Installation has begun—500 ft tall, all mechanical, powered by day/night thermal cycles, synchronized at solar noon, a symbol for long-term thinking—the #10000Year Clock is coming together thx to the genius of Danny Hillis, Zander Rose & the whole Clock team! pic.twitter.com/FYIya UIbd J— Jeff Bezos (@Jeff Bezos) February 20, 2018As envisioned by inventor Danny Hills and implemented by the non-profit Long Now Foundation, the 500 foot high timepiece will tick only once a year -- the century hand moves once every 100 years, and a cuckoo comes out on the millennium.Still, the 10,000-year clock won't be complete for "many years into the future," according to a website devoted to the project, which describes it as a symbol of long-term thinking.It uses 18 original IN-13 Nixie tubes in an array to visually display sound as it is heard. Well, here's an odd looking Steampunk Clock - Kind of let my imagination run a bit wild with this one!

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Dating the Block. Locating the date. Flange under the dip-stick hole only going forwards. This engine has 1970 on the dating clock, so an 18GG to GK.… continue reading »

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