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Or Walker telling a young Haley Joel Osment that he has AIDS. Or perhaps the thrilling conclusion to the greatest Walker clip of all time—I won’t spoil this one for you. is some of the better evidence that we all missed out on a guy who could have been much more than just a cult favorite in movies like The Evil Dead.

Ostensibly a western, there are so many other genres wrapped into Brisco’s adventures, from time travel to experimentation with steampunk technology.

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Sometimes it seemed like every other Blossom episode was “very special.” 84.The story of a precocious teenager growing up with her musician father and annoying brothers, she became an icon as the “goofy girl” with weird fashion, particularly the big, floppy hats that became her calling card.Today, the show is often remembered as one of the leading innovators of the “very special episode” format, which was already well established by shows such as Diff’rent Strokes but expanded into an art form by Blossom.It was a staple of both NBC and then CBS for years before somehow ending up on Lifetime of all places before Stack’s death in 2003. Dawson’s Creek Years: 1998-2003 The late 1990s saw a large boom in the teen drama subgenre, of which Dawson’s Creek was certainly one of the prototypical examples.

It was very much in the same vein as some of its contemporaries, with a cast of attractive young kids, although it was set apart somewhat by its pretty New England surroundings.It may have even inspired some Venture Brothers episodes, seeing as a good number of episodes revolve around a mysterious artifact from the future called “the orb.” Critical praise was strong for the show, but like so many others on Fox, the ratings didn’t hold up and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.was filed squarely into the “cult” folder after its cancellation after one season. Blossom Years: 1991-1995 Before Mayim Bialik was sucked into the CBS comedy void that is The Big Bang Theory, she was the early ’90s star of Blossom.Good things arose from the competition between Ted Turner’s WCW and Vince Mc Mahon’s WWF and the so-called “Monday Night Wars” that resulted, as the quest for ratings drove creativity and some of the most popular characters of all time, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Goldberg, Sting and more.

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