Tori amos trent reznor dating dating a girl six years older

20-Feb-2018 18:04

NIN fans and anyone who listens to the album or reads the lyrics will more than likely understand this society is what Reznor sees as the United States.

While NIN's major breakthrough album "Downward Spiral" examined the steps of a person's downhill slide into suicide and "The Fragile" is loosely based on the struggles of addictions (substance and media), "Year Zero" is Reznor's anti-war, anti-authoritarian and anti-Republican album.

In fact, Amos' 1992 song "Precious Things," taken from her album "Little Earthquakes," mentions pretty girls and their "nine inch nails." Four years later, Amos released the album "Boys for Pele." A song from that album called "Caught a Lite Sneeze" features the line "made my own pretty hate machine," which, as fans know, is a reference to NIN's 1989 debut album.

At any rate, having these two albums cross my desk at the same time was a little inspiring.

Filter's third album, The Amalgamut, was released in 2002, with Patrick canceling most of the supporting tour to check into rehab for alcoholism, a problem that had been plaguing him for years.

An experience where he drank on an airplane inspired Filter's hit single "Take a Picture." After a five-year hiatus, Filter released a fourth record on May 13, 2008, entitled Anthems for the Damned.

The album's dynamic mix balances each of the alt-egos' idiosyncracies, and the song list sequencing is smooth. As for Reznor, well, "Year Zero" is back in the anger area.

And, in keeping with Amos' past quirkiness, each song on the album is sung by one of Amos' alter-egos — angst-ridden Pip, anti-war activist waif Isabel, epic-minded Clyde, chameleon Santa and, of course, the introspective Tori.

Patrick also appeared in the music videos for "Down in It", "Head Like a Hole", "Wish", and one of the two promo videos for "Gave Up" (along with Marilyn Manson), which was filmed in the living room of the infamous house where Sharon Tate was murdered in 1969, as Reznor had leased the house and installed a recording studio in it.

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