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Also, if your does have not had any contact with bucks, they may very well come into a strong heat a day or two after you make the trip here and they meet the buck, so plan on a second trip which may be necessary.Driveway breeding ,as we call it, canturn into a few trips before your does are bred.Don't just look at the buck either-look at his sire and dam and granddam, especially if milking & showing is in your future.In order to produce milk, you will need to breed your does each year. Although Nigerians are considered year-round than breeders, they seasonally come into the most detectable heat cycles in New England during late summer/early fall through late winter. Also consider that many does do not settle when breeding is followed by a hot period, so summer breeding is difficult.I often suggest mailing me a bandana or faceclothin a ziploc bag with a self-addressed stamped envelope to return it to you.

Sometimes, especially with younger does, a second visit is a must to make them more comfortable and they may have been brought either too early or late to be in standing heat.

Sometimes even when you have tracked your doe's cycle, the stress of the trip throws her off.

It is harder to detect your doe's cycle when there is no buck on your farm but with a smelly buck rag and some keen observation, you can do it.

I get many questions on what exactly "buck service" is.

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I am sure it varies farm to farm, but this is what we do: I only breed to registered Nigerian, either AGS or ADGA (bring your registration papers), and they must pass my health inspection when they arrive at my farm as well as have a health certificate dated within the past year.BEFORE BREEDING Preparing for kids starts before you breed your doe.Good preventative health care of the doe goes a long way to producing healthy kids.Nothing is more disappointing than waiting for babies and then finding outafter breeding season that your doe's not bred.