Tips for dating a farmer

08-May-2017 10:56

Once she shows some of these sign in increasingly, thisis when you need to bring her for breeding."Standing" heat usually only lastabout 24 hours, sometimes less, so timing is important.

Does usual cycle every approximately every 3 weeks.

Nothing is more disappointing than waiting for babies and then finding outafter breeding season that your doe's not bred.

"Goat Dating" A doe that is receptive to the buck and ready to be bred, lets him approach her, do all of his silly tongue flapping, and eventually mount and breed her. Preparation and some basic knowledge will help you get off to a good start.

In order to produce milk, you will need to breed your does each year. Although Nigerians are considered year-round than breeders, they seasonally come into the most detectable heat cycles in New England during late summer/early fall through late winter. Also consider that many does do not settle when breeding is followed by a hot period, so summer breeding is difficult.

BEFORE THE KIDS ARE BORN Our doe's get their own deep straw bedded kidding stall (approximately 4' x 5') to give birth.