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Let us assume that we have two standard textboxes on the form, and we wanted one of them to exhibit behavior similar to a Rad Text Box, and the other one as a Rad Numeric Text Box.In this case, the declaration of the two textboxes, along with the Rad Input Manager, would look like this: Each of the Setting tags contains a Behavior ID, which is used to identity settings pertaining to a given text box.For more details on the Error Provider control, refer to the Spotlight on the Error Provider article.Let’s update Example 1 to display an Error Message using an Error Provider Control: Next add a Validated event to clear in the Error Provider’s message.This event occurs when the control is finished validating.Use this event to handle any needed upkeep after successfully validating the control.Broadly speaking, there are two groups of controls which are extended using the Rad Input Manager.

Thankfully Win Forms has built in mechanisms to help facilitate data validation.

Note: If the Validation was canceled in the Validating Event, then this event will not be called.