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Clevver News says that Taylor and Tim skipped into Century City’s Toscanova restaurant and sat with a small group.Tim and Taylor didn’t leave together, but he walked her out like the true gentlemen that he is. You know, some bitches have been trying to tell me that Tim Teblowjob is as gay as the image of me ordering a pouf from Cb2 (or the image of me dancing to an Atomic Kitten song in the shower while soaping myself up with a turquoise puff full of strawberry-scented body wash), but he never made me fart out a rainbow until now.POSSIBILITY: While everything else is a somewhat vague description of a conflicted significant other who doesn't know what he or she wants, the nod to the indie scene within lyrics like "And you/ Would hide away and find your piece of mind/ With some/ Indie record that’s so much cooler than mine" seems like a direct dig at Foster, whose band rode that wave to near mainstream ubiquity in 2011.ODDS: 20-1 NAME: Tim Tebow EVIDENCE: Having been launched into sports and memetic legend by about 500 successive acts of divine intervention, the NFL quarterback had so many doors opened up to him, including the door that leads to meeting Swift."I don't know what my future holds," he said coyly.The NFL's most eligible bachelor is off the market!just steps away from the famed family compound, there has been plenty of potential relationship fodder since the release of in 2010.

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"We kind of just went into it casually, like let’s just jam and just have fun, and something really cool came out of it," Foster told FUSE. (Too easy.) Decide for yourself whether that's in reference to a or their relationship."Everything is really real on the internet," she joked."Tim is signed with WME, I'm with WME, and I had a lovely 10-minute chat with him. I haven't seen [Tim] since." PHOTOS: Love lives of Glee stars When Kimmel, 44, asked Agron if she was interested in dating Swift, 22, she laughed. " (The starlets are, however, good pals: They saw together in late March and recently dined with Emma Stone at Otto in NYC, where they politely declined drinks from tourists.) PHOTOS: Taylor Swift's high-profile flames As for Tebow, he isn't Agron's type. I've got a month left of filming to do." Tebow, who was recently traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets, laughed off the romance reports on Friday.Dating Taylor Swift is to gaydars as the cast of Jersey Shore is to breathalyzers. Nothing says “I LOVE TO GARGLE ON A PEEN HEAD” like “dating” Renee Zellweger-in-training Taylor Swift.

Aug 14, 2012. With a surprisingly limited amount of buildup, Taylor Swift premiered her new song, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" during last night's web. EVIDENCE Taylor and the Foster the People lead singer were rumored to be dating in the spring of 2012, around the time word hit that he'd become the.… continue reading »

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Apr 13, 2012. I haven't seen him Tebow since." As Kimmel wondered how Swift factored into the equation, he couldn't help but ask Agron, "Are you dating her? That would be great." To which the actress replied, "Wouldn't that be juicy?" before turning to the camera, blowing a kiss and purring, "Hi, Taylor." MORE Tim.… continue reading »

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