Tebow dating taylor swift

06-Nov-2017 12:48

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Clevver News says that Taylor and Tim skipped into Century City’s Toscanova restaurant and sat with a small group.

Tim and Taylor didn’t leave together, but he walked her out like the true gentlemen that he is. You know, some bitches have been trying to tell me that Tim Teblowjob is as gay as the image of me ordering a pouf from Cb2 (or the image of me dancing to an Atomic Kitten song in the shower while soaping myself up with a turquoise puff full of strawberry-scented body wash), but he never made me fart out a rainbow until now.

Dating Taylor Swift is to gaydars as the cast of Jersey Shore is to breathalyzers. Nothing says “I LOVE TO GARGLE ON A PEEN HEAD” like “dating” Renee Zellweger-in-training Taylor Swift.

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"I had a lovely 10-minute chat with him," said Agron while noting that she and the New York Jets hunk are merely signed to the same agency. I haven't seen him [Tebow] since."As Kimmel wondered how Swift factored into the equation, he couldn't help but ask Agron, "Are you dating her?

Below, we've compiled the most plausible—and most entertaining—inspirations for Taylor's lead single, an amalgam of individuals who may or may not call their exes repeatedly, and hold their taste for indie music above Taylor's tendency to pick up a banjo."I don't know much about sports," she admitted. "It's funny, because half the rumors, I've never even met the people," the 24-year-old told host Robin Roberts."I'm sure they would be lovely." PHOTOS: Stars who love athletes The quarterback also addressed speculation that he plans to become a preacher after his football career ends."I don't know what my future holds," he said coyly.