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Body parts and organs from babies aborted via other methods are also providing fresh tissue to the exploding, multi-billion dollar biotechnology industry. Help is available: If you have an unplanned pregnancy right now, we know it's a scary, difficult situation.Click the "Shocking Story" link above to read several articles, including Mona Charen's column on Pregnant? Many of the people who helped put this web site together have been there.

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For details about their tremendous educational tools (ie; tapes, books, videos and a teaching curriculum), click here to visit their web site.

Excommunicated: Gray Davis, California's pro-abortion Governor, incurred "automatic excommunication" according to Monsignor Edward Kavanagh.

FREE pro-life Video: Click to get Life Dynamic's FREE video and other excellent resources for FREE. Lakita is a talented singer, dancer and motivational speaker.

RU-486 Abortion Pill: Get all the facts about this new abortion pill. Pro-Abortion Politicians: A Catholic Bishop Just Banned them from Catholic Grounds.

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UNICEF: Examine UNICEF's anti-life, anti-family, population control attitudes.

Laura's test and you'll quickly know whether your relationship has a good chance of growing into a long-lasting relationship, and maybe even marriage.