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01-Aug-2017 03:08

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On the flipside, I’ve noticed some couples wanting to hold their receptions in a more “American way”; wedding over 3 days, with rehearsal dinner and so on.The typical Swedish wedding ceremony is of course influenced by unique Swedish customs.So whether you’re planning a Swedish wedding or simply attending one, it’s always a good idea to brush up on some of the most common wedding customs in Sweden.The only obvious explanation seems to be massive quantities of alcohol.

As an American woman, I understand we have different expectations regarding sex and dating/new relationships than what generally happens in Sweden. My experiences with Swedish men have been a bit confusing, and I wonder if that may be part of a cultural communication disconnect. I love the culture.… continue reading »

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What are Swedish Men like - Dating Guys from Sweden. However some aspects of their dating culture may seem inscrutable to partners from other countries.… continue reading »

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So you've made it to Sweden. You've learned the language basics, you're always on time, and you remember to take off your shoes. So now what? Here it is, what you've all been waiting for - an introduction to dating in Sweden.… continue reading »

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What is Swedish dating? As an American girl I'm totally lost what Swedes think of mating, dating, and courtship. Here are girls' opinions on Swedish men.… continue reading »

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