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15-Dec-2017 14:22

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That changed when Jagger met the "Ziggy Stardust" singer in 1973.

The pair became inseparable as pals, but it turns out their relationship may have been a little deeper than that: Bowie's then-wife, Angie, claims she found the rock legends in bed together in her home.

"Even though I was in bed with them many times, I ended up just watching them have sex." She added that they "practically lived together" for months.

The pair allegedly embarked on a quiet sexual relationship for four years and were described as "liv[ing] as man and wife" for at least two years until Monroe met and married Di Maggio in 1952."She kissed me and she tried to dominate me," Pink said of their relationship, "and I will not be dominated by anyone." Though their hookup was brief, Pink only has kind things to say about the blond bombshell. I don't need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am, 'cause I don't know yet. I have definite feminine qualities and a lot of gay men are incredibly masculine." However, don't think for a second that this is something Hardy always feels like discussing."People can say what they want, but I have good taste. And I never say never." that he previously enjoyed relationships with men. In 2015, he famously shut down a reporter for asking about his sexuality while he promoted , "I'm under no obligation to share anything to do with my family, my children, my sexuality — that's nobody's business but my own …Anne Heche began dating Ellen De Generes shortly after the comedienne came out of the closet as a lesbian in 1997. And yet there was this attitude of, you know, 'You're going to be on the cover of magazine and say you're gay but you're not going to hold hands? I'd like to believe that she loved me, and that I'm not that stupid that I would be completely fooled." After their split, Heche had a psychotic breakdown, but has since recovered.

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