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01-Feb-2017 05:08

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Vigilantly avoid every temptation to participate in any inappropriate sexual act, including thoughts, no matter how "innocent" the behavior may appear- because it is not innocent.Small sexual indulgences lead to greater sins, including sexual addictions which are highly destructive and extremely difficult to overcome.It doesn’t say “lead us not into sin” but “lead us not into temptation.” See, we aren’t called merely to stay away from sin; we are called to avoid temptation. Imagine you are watching TV and a news alert flashes across the screen: “Rabid dogs loose in your neighborhood.Do not go near them.” You warn your younger sister, who is home, about the dogs.Victims have not broken the law of chastity and do not need to feel guilty for the inappropriate and abusive sexual acts of others.For those victims, God love you and you can receive healing through the Atonement of Christ.

Through following the steps of repentance you will feel the love of your Father in Heaven as your sins are forgiven.

Start your healing by meeting with your bishop who will help and guide you the healing process.

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