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21-Aug-2017 09:22

When things start getting more serious with your significant other, you might introduce them to your parents. Well in Korean culture, that won’t happen for a long time!

When a couple wants to introduce each other to their parents, it’s because they intend to get married.

Something that I’m sure crosses almost everyone’s mind when coming to teach in Korea is, "What will the dating scene be like? When you’re moving to a new country you know things will be different, but just how different will they be? There are always those distinct differences that people find confusing, but these are the things that we can all get around. Back home, meeting a potential partner can be tough, so meeting friends of friends and hitting the town are popular ways to meet people. To me, it seems like being in a relationship is a lot more important here than back home, so Koreans are very eager to find someone special.

" I know I certainly worried about dating in Korea!

On dates, it's not uncommon for youngsters to go to movies, game rooms (오락실), singing rooms (노래방), PC rooms (PC방), or video rooms (비디오방).

However, video rooms tend to have a nasty reputation for being places where Koreans make out or have varying degrees of sex while viewing a movie in a semiprivate room.

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For instance, chastity of widows were enforced by forbidding the sons and grandsons of remarried women from taking the Gwageo. In the family, women were expected to take care of the family finances.In Korean culture, the role of the man will always be more dominant in the relationship, but when you see the lengths these boys will go to get the girl, you can’t help but smile: holding her purse, wearing matching outfits, and giving lots of gifts. Of course, looks play a role in the decision making process, but Westerners are also looking for compatibility and people we can get along with.In Korea, appearance is a dominant factor in these decisions.Dating in Korea depends on individual people, but the average Korean starts dating around high school age.

Dating in Korea depends on individual people, but the average Korean starts dating around high school age. Due to the fact that many.… continue reading »

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Sexuality in South Korea has been influenced. marginalized throughout Korean history. and 31.6% accepted holding hands as permissible behavior in dating.… continue reading »

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