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08-Mar-2018 17:15

These researchers did two clever studies that ought to make us think twice about how much advertising we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

We usually assume that advertising functions mostly to tell us about the properties of a product.

We turn on the television, and smiling faces on television try to sell us soup, toothpaste, candy, and politicians.

The reason that we accept all this advertising is that we assume that we can tune most of it out.

So, we open up the pages of our favorite magazine, and there are glossy ads for clothes, shoes, cars, or beer.

We don't like to pay the full price of things, so we allow other people to pay part of that price in exchange for letting them pass a message to us.

The people who went through the affective conditioning procedure picked the pen that was paired with positive items 70-80% of the time.

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These results suggest that the most powerful effect of advertising is just to create a good feeling about a product by surrounding it with other things that you like.

For example, an ad for detergent may have fresh flowers, cute babies, and sunshine in it.

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