Sirius stuck on updating channels Exmus australie

06-Aug-2017 17:31

When Sirius did their channel lineup change in the Spring though and my car did the channel update, I *THINK* it fixed that issue for now, so I'm waiting it out while still under warranty to see what happens.

It's a bit concerning that Sirius can mess up receivers so easily, especially OEM receivers as they are hard and expensive to replace.

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Watch out for change fees though, always scary of such things with Sirius.Must be an XM thing, unless some magical OTA update was pushed that we don't know about. I have the problem also at times when I plug in my smartphone via USB....admittedly far less of an occurrence since the radio was swapped out a few months back. :cool: Once it's gone, it's gone for good, though I will admit I do like getting the traffic updates.Edit: Changing to a different station then back fixes the problem. Saved me some time, but not worth the cost....though I will admit I do like getting the traffic updates. I've got to agree, having had the traffic updates they can sometimes be helpful but the cost did not justify the service for me.If I toggle to any other screen (nav, climate, energy) then toggle back to the radio then the text will update to both the current song name and artist.

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Otherwise, it will stay stuck for every subsequent song.I've noticed since I got my Volt back from the dealer last week, when on XM, the song / artist take a while to update (if they update at all), unless I change channels and change back. To me it's just a bonus as I've never seen this capability before and have gotten along fine without it up to now.I don't have any issues in any other mode, so I was assuming it was an XM issue... So if it screws up a little I'm not going to stress. Someone asked what stations I'm seeing it happen on- at risk of revealing my across-the-map taste, I"m seeing it on: Deep Tracks 80's on 8 Underground Garage Classic Vinyl I noticed this problem also along with another problem.Now the dealer says it is a Sirius satellite problem and I have to wait for Sirius to reprogram their satellite. It's probably worth trying some things like that, not sure.