Sirius stuck on updating channels dating a divorced mom

06-Aug-2017 17:31

Before taking the car in, I had disconnected the battery, waited and then hooked up again. Also, I have tried the reactivation several times from the on-line site and again, no change.

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It's a bit concerning that Sirius can mess up receivers so easily, especially OEM receivers as they are hard and expensive to replace.I'm gonna go with the thought that it was an XM issue on their end, and they figured it out.I have a 2008 SLK280, still under warranty, and the Sirius radio has stopped working last week.I think I need a new Sirius receiver but the dealer rejects this idea as well. You might also try changing your program package (to one with more or less channels) as that could make the receiver update even more information, again, just a crazy idea.

Watch out for change fees though, always scary of such things with Sirius.Must be an XM thing, unless some magical OTA update was pushed that we don't know about. I have the problem also at times when I plug in my smartphone via USB....admittedly far less of an occurrence since the radio was swapped out a few months back. :cool: Once it's gone, it's gone for good, though I will admit I do like getting the traffic updates.Edit: Changing to a different station then back fixes the problem. Saved me some time, but not worth the cost....though I will admit I do like getting the traffic updates. I've got to agree, having had the traffic updates they can sometimes be helpful but the cost did not justify the service for me.After that I haven't had the XM problem or the pausing problem.

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