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17-Jun-2017 14:52

It has been described as more like a toy than a game.Sims are influenced by the player to interact with objects or other Sims.

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Children will be sent away to military school if they fail their classes or if they have not fulfilled their needs (especially when hunger is very low), a social care worker will take them away from their household and they are no longer returnable.One is that Sims may die, either by starvation, drowning, fire, or electrocution.When a Sim dies, a tombstone or an urn will appear (in later expansion packs the Grim Reaper will appear first), and the ghost of the deceased Sim may haunt the building where it died.Alternately, Sims may also create and sell various artwork and items at home.

While there is no eventual objective to the game, states of failure do exist in The Sims.The Sims is a strategic life-simulation video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2000.It is a simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual people ("Sims") in a suburban household near a fictional city.We think we're offering something that helps people live a better life."For JOI residents, the boundaries between virtual world and real world are fluid, a convergence the community supports and encourages.

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