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In 2007, added aerial photographs to its online maps and began providing services for mobile phones, the first of which was

In that year it also acquired 50% of a video portal,

We started the construction of the Kokura data centre, which was built in less than a year, to bring us, among other improvements, data independence.

published the first videos featuring the now iconic character of the lobbyist Tonda Blaník; the new show was hugely successful and we managed to make two full series before the end of the year, each of them reaching six million views.

He wanted to create web pages for Jara Cimrman, but was prohibited from doing so by the phenomenon’s authors.

So he made a catalogue of the best Czech web pages to visit (at that time there were only a few).

The former blog became a respected news portal with its own editorial office, from Borgis Publishing House, in 2003.

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grew from year to year in terms of both visits and services offered.In 1997, it had 50,000 visits a day and offered its own full-text search in Czech (people could use diacritic marks when looking for information in Czech on the Internet).also offered a service through which one could find people and their email addresses – Lidé(nowadays a community page mostly used as a dating service).In 1998, added a free-email service and a news portal (, at that time filled with content by Internet users.

It thus resembled a blog filled by many contributors to amuse each other. Throughout those first years, was able to finance its activities with the money from banner advertisements. A year after the start of the email service, the number of its users had grown to more than 300,000.was transformed into an internet TV channel that only broadcasts its own material and aims to be simple and quick to use. In the first quarter, cross-country skiing routes appeared on the maps for the first time.Towards the end of the year, the service launched the new Pohádky channel with stories for children, accompanied by a mobile app. In the summer, we launched a new version of the mobile app for Android and i OS which can also be used offline and which proved enormously successful. One of them was the app – a very fast mobile browser giving the owners of Android and i OS phones very easy access to all the services of the Czech internet leader and much more.And thus at the very beginning, was just a list of web pages among which one could search, using keywords to find the web page one was seeking.

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