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As a result of this conference, Leidholdt felt it would be more productive to focus on combatting the international sex industry, and founded the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) for that purpose.She also soon stepped down as leader of Women Against Pornography in order to focus her efforts on this new campaign.

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Civil liberties advocates opposed WAP and similar groups, holding that the legislative approaches WAP advocated amounted to censorship.After previous failed attempts to start a broad feminist anti-pornography group in New York City, WAP was finally established in 1978.WAP quickly drew widespread support for its anti-pornography campaign, and in late 1979 held a March on Times Square that included over 5000 supporters.In the 1980s, WAP began to focus more on lobbying and legislative efforts against pornography, particularly in support of civil-rights-oriented antipornography legislation.

They were also active in testifying before the Meese Commission and some of their advocacy of a civil-rights based anti-pornography model found its way into the final recommendations of the commission.

These initial efforts stalled after a year of meeting and resolutions over a position paper, which they hoped to place as a paid advertisement in The New York Times, expressing feminist objections to pornography, and distinguishing them from conservative complaints against "obscenity".