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15-Oct-2017 21:01

Digital Vault Passes have just been sent to backers of Alex Winters Zappa movie.

These give access to over two hours of audio (including longer edits of Thirteen & Stucco Homes, and a live version of Oh No from 1984 featuring Napi) and just under an hour of video wonderment (including an epic rendition of RDNZL from Dusseldorf in 1982).

, I have been discussing a possible coffee-table book of Zappa fan memorabilia with Ahmet Zappa.

He has clarified that he wants this to be the ultimate fans scrapbook, collecting together fan mail, art, posters, bootlegs, t-shirts, fanzine extracts and as many exciting instances as possible of (aka Wait For Me: Beefheart drummer from 1977 to 1981; Magic Band drummer for their two UK shows in 2003) has been diagnosed with a Glioma brain tumor which will have to be removed.

They will be joined along the way by Steve Vai, Warren Cuccurullo, Ian Underwood, Vinnie Colaiuta, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Arthur Barrow, Ed Mann - and more, still to be announced.

Of the show, Ahmet Circumstances, objects, places and subject matter from Franks songs and imagination will be brought to life for the first time on stage.

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He was also into the blues and stuff and was a very good friend of mine and Elliots.I guess Beefheart wasnt in any position to do anything about it because otherwise I know he would have told Frank to fuck off!Buell would have been a great player for Beefheart in my opinion.As I have not consented, or given any commitment, this disclaims any involvement whatsoever. Frank Zappa Hologram Tour, which will start at the end of 2018.

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