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The most important difference is DALnet's custom IRC Services: Nick Serv, Chan Serv, and Memo Serv.

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Please direct any comments or feedback about this document (only! IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat, which is a chat system for the Internet.They are designed to make your chatting experience more enjoyable; for more information about DALnet's services, please visit ) It might be worthwhile to note that all IRC commands can be typed into the commandline of your IRC client, though some have "popups" or similar menu features.DALnet does not take part in how any channel is managed, that is up to the channel's ops, and ultimately, the channel's founder. a) Click on Name and write down DALnet as IRC server name then press OK b) Click on Address and write down net then press OK e) Click on Nickname and write down your IRC nickname f) Click on Ident and write down your IRC username *charset is sensitive leave it as it is UTF-8.

Most ops behave responsibly, but if there are any problems, you should contact the channel's founder. d) In the Username field, enter your IRC username/ident. f) In the Nick Pass field, it is your choice to write down your nickname’s password or leave it empty. “For Arab DALnetizens, change it to Arabic(Windows)”. For Arab DALnetizens change it to windows-1256* IRCCloud is an IRC client with a future. it connects you to DALnet servers, keeps your connection alive, and stores your chat history.

Persons with the @ symbol in front of their nick are considered channel operators, who can change some channel settings and keep order.