Self liquidating offer

25-May-2017 11:14

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Nothing herein shall affect the jurisdiction or authority of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under the Federal 1974 Act or the application of any provision thereof or regulation thereunder to any person or transaction subject thereto.No individual shall be deemed to be a salesperson solely by reason of effecting transactions in a covered security to qualified purchasers as described in Section 18(b)(3) of the Federal 1933 Act, effecting transactions in a covered security as described in Section 18(b)(4)(D) of the Federal 1933 Act, or engaging in offers or effecting sales of securities to employees of the issuer of such securities or to employees of the parent or any majority owned subsidiary of such issuer, provided that such individual is an employee of such issuer, parent or subsidiary who has not been employed primarily to make such offers or sales and who receives no special compensation, directly or indirectly, for or on account of any such offer or sale."Salesperson" also means a limited Canadian salesperson.An underwriter shall be deemed to be no longer an underwriter of a security after he or she has completely disposed of his or her allotment of such security or, if he or she did not purchase the security, after he or she has ceased to offer and sell such security for the issuer or controlling person."Dealer" means any person, other than a salesperson, or controlling person and other than a bank organized under the banking laws of this State or of the United States or other than a trust company organized under the laws of this State or other than a regular employee of such bank or trust company, who engages in this State, either for all or part of his or her time, directly or indirectly, as agent, broker or principal, in the business of offering, selling, buying and selling, or otherwise dealing or trading in securities issued by another person, any government or political subdivision or instrumentality thereof."Principal of a dealer" means any officer, director, partner, member, trustee or manager of such dealer who is responsible for the supervision of the securities activities in this State of salespersons and for management of the daily business operations in this State of such dealer."Salesperson" means an individual, other than an issuer or a dealer, employed or appointed or authorized by a dealer, issuer or controlling person to offer, purchase or sell securities in this State.

The partners or officers of a dealer or issuer shall not be deemed to be salespersons within the meaning of this definition if they are not or have not been regularly engaged in securities offering, purchasing or selling activities other than transactions for their own respective accounts.

The Secretary of State may, after notice and opportunity for hearing, revoke the exemption afforded by this subparagraph with respect to any securities by issuing an order if the Secretary of State finds that the further sale of the securities in this State would work or tend to work a fraud on purchasers of the securities. Any security issued by a person organized and operated not for pecuniary profit and exclusively for religious, educational, benevolent, fraternal, agricultural, charitable, athletic, professional, trade, social or reformatory purposes, or as a chamber of commerce or local industrial development corporation, or for more than one of said purposes and no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private stockholder or member. A note secured by a first mortgage upon tangible personal or real property when such mortgage is made, assigned, sold, transferred and delivered with such note or other written obligation secured by such mortgage, either to or for the benefit of the purchaser or lender; or bonds or notes not more than 10 in number secured by a first mortgage upon the title in fee simple to real property if the aggregate principal amount secured by such mortgage does not exceed 0,000 and also does not exceed 75% of the fair market value of such real property. A note or notes not more than 10 in number secured by a junior mortgage lien if the aggregate principal amount of the indebtedness represented thereby does not exceed 50% of the amount of the then outstanding prior lien indebtedness and provided that the total amount of the indebtedness (including the indebtedness represented by the subject junior mortgage note or notes) shall not exceed 90% of the fair market value of the property securing such indebtedness; and provided further that each such note or notes shall bear across the face thereof the following legend in letters at least as large as 12 point type: "THIS NOTE IS SECURED BY A JUNIOR MORTGAGE". Any negotiable promissory note or draft, bill of exchange or bankers' acceptance which arises out of a current transaction or the proceeds of which have been or are to be used for current transactions, and which evidences an obligation to pay cash within 9 months of the date of issuance exclusive of days of grace, or any renewal of such note, draft, bill or acceptance which is likewise limited, or any guarantee of such note, draft, bill or acceptance or of any such renewal, provided that the note, draft, bill, or acceptance is a negotiable security eligible for discounting by banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System.

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