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17-Feb-2017 10:30

In September, two Russian “Blackjack” jets were intercepted over the North Sea.They were flying in international airspace that the Mo D again described as an “area of interest”.

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It looks like the number of Internet dating agencies which specialize on representing Russian women also doubles every 365 days with 5-7 new agencies registered by dating directories every week.

“Nato does not seek confrontation - we do not want a new Cold War,” he said.

“At the same time our response has to be firm.” But responded strongly, blaming Nato itself for worsening tensions with a new missile system based in Romania and increased presence along the Russian border.

Slavic ladies believe that family should be the most important thing in a woman’s life.

The notions that a woman’s calling is to become a mother and marriage means children are very strong in their culture and upbringing.

Sure, there are some Ukrainian and Russian girls who believe in more equal and balanced relationships but even they have been brought up on those traditional principles, which still affect them. They believe in personal development and self-improvement, which are supposed to help them to land a good husband and fulfil their Destiny (to be a wife and a mother).

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