Rss feed not updating in google reader

28-May-2017 20:32

A feed reader, or feed aggregator, is just a really simple way to view all your feeds at one time via one interface.

Perhaps there are roughly ten sites that you like to visit on a daily basis.

Short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, RSS revolutionized the way that users interact with content online.

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After a brief wait, you'll be taken to the main Feedly interface where your RSS feeds will be populated in much the same way as they were previously in Google Reader.On the mobile side, Feedly also offers a capable Android app which is also free in the Play Store.After downloading and running through the brief tutorial start screen, swipe in from the left edge to reveal the sign-in options, where you can select either "Android" or "Google" if you've imported from Google Reader before installing the app -- just authenticate and you'll be off to the races.Your feeds and folder structure should be in-tact as well, although they will now be categorized alphabetically even if you had them in your own order before.