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Find out more Please note: The mobile telephone number and email address supplied when registering for your account will be used for all communications in relation to job applications and if successful any future communications sent out by the HR Service Centre in relation to your employment.All sexual health treatment, advice and contraceptive services in Rotherham is now available from one central location at Rotherham Hospital with outreach services delivered in community venues.

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The river name was carried into Old English from Brittonic branch of Celtic words: ro- 'over, chief' and duβr 'water', thus 'main river'; a similar size namesake is in East Sussex, see Rother.We also provide free condoms, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception.Our staff are friendly, non-judgmental and highly experienced in dealing with personal a large town in South Yorkshire, England, which together with its conurbation and outlying settlements to the north, south and south-east forms the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, with a recorded population of 257,280 in the 2011 census.

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Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, its central area is on the banks of the River Don below its confluence with the Rother on the traditional road between Sheffield and Doncaster.It was suppressed in 1547 but revived in 1584 as the feoffees of the common lands of Rotherham, and remains in existence.In the 1480s the Rotherham-born Archbishop of York, Thomas Rotherham, instigated the building of a College of Jesus or Jesus College, Rotherham to rival the colleges of Cambridge and Oxford.The Domesday 'Book' or Survey records this lord of the manor with a Norman name took the place of the Saxon lord Hakon holding 20 years before in 1066 and was tenant of an overlord of hundreds of such manors, Robert de Mortain, the Conqueror's half-brother.

The central assets at the time were medium in rank among manors eight adult male householders were counted as villagers, three were smallholders and one the priest, three ploughlands were tilled by one lord's plough team and two and a half men's plough teams were active. The manor's other resources were a church.… continue reading »

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Adult Social Services. 01709 822330. Email Adult Social Services · Image. Children's social care. If you are worried about a child or young person, call to let us know. Tell us now - 01709 336080 · Image. Key Choices. Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S61 2AQ. Contact Key Choices.… continue reading »

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Feb 25, 2018. The investigation's senior officer said it was complex as many of the victims were children when they were abused and were now adults with associated problems. Photograph Nigel Roddis/Getty Images. The UK's biggest investigation into child sexual exploitation needs 100 more officers to tackle the.… continue reading »

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You will be a qualified social worker with an up-to-date HCPC registration; have experience of leading and managing staff including strategic thinking and be a practical problem-solver; be an approachable leader and mentor to your teams; be passionate about supporting adults to live good quality lives and enjoy good.… continue reading »

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