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Handmade pottery has been found at Ur, in Mesopotamia, below the clay termed the Flood deposit.Immediately above the Flood deposit, and therefore dating from a time soon after the Flood (about 3000 Susa (Shushan) in southwest Iran.As early as the 1st dynasty, figures, vases, and tiles of this material were covered with a fired glaze that was coloured turquoise and green with copper oxide.Later, the colouring materials common to the Egyptian glassmaker, including cobalt and manganese, were added. All Neolithic vases are handmade, and the best are highly polished; in other respects, the various local schools have little in common, since communications were severely limited in this remote period.

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Earthenware statuettes belong to this period, and a vessel (in the Louvre, Paris) with a long spout based on a copper prototype is the ancestor of many much later variations from this region in both pottery and metal.

As its name would suggest, Richard Ginori 1735 was founded way back in 1735 after Marquis Carlo Ginori scoured Italy to find Kaolinite, the white clay mineral that is the essential ingredient of porcelain.

Centuries later, the factory proudly maintains its legacy as a —a term indicating that all elements of production take place under one roof.

Porcelain is extremely durable, which is why it’s often a collectible passed down through generations.

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C̦atalhüyük, on the Anatolian Plateau of Turkey, revealed a variety of crude, soft earthenware estimated to be approximately 9,000 years old.

In Egypt, pottery was made in great variety in the predynastic period (up to ), and a hard-fired ware of good quality was attained.

I have a few cups, saucers and 2 tea plates, some chipped and wondering what the pattern is and also the date they were made. Ginori is on the base in green. Would really love some info about them as I haven't found any others like them on the internet. I have been in touch with Richard Ginori company USA who say.… continue reading »

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Read about the history of the Richard Ginori Porcelain Factory in Florence, Italy. The factory has produced high quality porcelain dating back to 1735.… continue reading »

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