Radiometric dating hoax dating bosnia and herzegovina

02-Dec-2017 04:21

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However, had the original bones been available for study, this hoax would probably not have continued for as long as it did.It was not until 38 years after the bones had been "found" that the hoax was exposed.was either an Ape-man or in the direct line of human ancestry, because I consider it quite possible that we may discover anthropoid apes (Simiidae) with teeth closely imitating those of man (Hominidae),...Until we secure more of the dentition, or parts of the skull or of the skeleton, we cannot be certain whether However, even if Osborn made some foolish statements about Nebraska Man, the claim is that most other scientists of the day did not even think that the Nebraska Man tooth was from a primate at all.There was an attempt to use this tooth at the Scopes "monkey" trial in 1925 as evidence of the animal ancestry of man.However, it was declared inadmissible by the judge.The success of the Piltdown Man hoax gives us an interesting look into human nature.It cannot be denied as a very embarrassing hoax that tricked even the scientific community for decades.

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Of course, the argument is that many scientists of the day did not think too much of Piltdown Man since many did not think that the cranium and the jaw were from the same creature.

To the embarrassment of many a very intelligent man and woman of science, overly confident conclusions and arrogant statements have been made based on such similarities that have, on occasion, turned out to be not only wrong, but painfully wrong.

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