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So low is such a carbon-14 level that no one had detected natural carbon-14 until Libby, guided by his own predictions, set out specifically to measure it.

His success initiated a series of measurements designed to answer two questions: Is the concentration of carbon-14 uniform throughout the plant and animal kingdoms?

In addition to spatial variations of the carbon-14 level, the question of temporal variation has received much study.

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The problems stemming from temporal variations can be overcome to a large degree by the use of calibration curves in which the carbon-14 content of the sample being dated is plotted against that of objects of known age.Specifically, volcanic carbon dioxide is known to depress the carbon-14 level of nearby vegetation, and dissolved limestone carbonate occasionally has a similar effect on freshwater mollusks, as does upwelling of deep ocean water on marine mollusks.In every case, the living material affected gives the appearance of built-in age.Among them are the removal of humic acids from charcoal and the isolation of cellulose from wood and collagen from bone.

Today contamination as a source of error in samples younger than 25,000 years is relatively rare.

If a sample of buried wood is impregnated with modern rootlets or a piece of porous bone has recent calcium carbonate precipitated in its pores, failure to remove the contamination will result in a carbon-14 age between that of the sample and that of its contaminant.

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