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Ian overhears and seems a bit unhappy, saying they had "planned to keep it a secret." Melissa tells Ian that Spencer can keep a secret.He replies, "I know she can." Melissa still does not know about the kiss between her husband and her sister, or that they briefly dated after she and Ian broke up.We are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive introduction agency.

It is revealed in flashbacks that when Melissa dated Ian Thomas a year ago, Spencer kissed him once, though Melissa hadn't found out.

The next morning she calls off the wedding and Wren moves out of the barn.

Spencer steals Melissa's Russian History paper from when she was in school, and the essay is so good, her teacher submits it to an essay contest.

In a later episode, Melissa announces she is pregnant.

Melissa's relationship with Spencer takes a turn for the worst when Spencer comes out with her beliefs about Ian's guilt, although Ian outwardly doesn't show such anger while in front of the Hastings family.

Later, when Ian returns to Rosewood, Spencer tries to mend her relationship with Melissa by hooking them up together for coffee.