Qualities to look for in a man when dating

04-Jul-2017 12:39

If they see someone in need, they willingly help out and pitch in.

What they do, they do for others, not for some ulterior selfish motive. If you have a woman with good qualities, then take great pains to hold onto her.

It makes for a much more harmonious life together too.

Not the physical kind, although that can be helpful.

The kind of strength I talk about is someone you lean on when your legs are a bit weak.

In a partnership, loyalty is about the strongest bond that you possess. Faithful is a quality that isn’t just about not cheating on someone. That means not taking advantage or believing people in some way owe you. Someone who is gratuitous does things not to get things, but just because they want to help out.

It means that if you are someone important to her, you hold priority in her life, forsaking all others in body and mind. The quality of gratuitousness is rare in our society.Some people just say, “I forgive you,” and some people mean it. The woman who truly forgives doesn’t bring up your past ills at every fight. A woman who gets over something that hurts her without seeking to strike back is a woman with some pretty amazing qualities. Women have a tendency to be jealous, not just in their relationships, but all the way around. It is about being jealous in your relationship of any success or accomplishments they have. It is difficult to sit and wait for the things we want.Not being jealous is one of those perfect qualities of a good woman. A woman who waits patiently for what she desires, is rare.[Read: 15 traits that’ll make you the perfect boyfriend material for your girl] #18 She is altruistic.

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