Problems updating iphone 5 software

04-Feb-2018 00:18

Many users complain that their devices are being stuck on Apple logo during the process of software update.

When it comes to such error, you have to manually get your device out of the Apple logo.

For more detailed information, you can learn from Apple support for software updates. Upgrading to new i OS version need an enough space about more than 1 GB, which may be a little difficult for many 8 or 16 GB i OS devices.

Fortunately, i OS 9 and later versions enable users to temporarily remove apps during install software update.

Once the process is done, the erased apps will automatically reinstalled.

Solutions: To regain more storage of your i Phone, you can disable Photos Stream, delete unneeded applications, remove some photos or videos, clear up i Messages/text messages/MMS messages, erase space-consumed documents and so on.

Hope you can get some tips after reading this post. If you accidentally lost data after i OS update, visit this post: recover data after i OS update.My IT person has not been able to resolve the issues as well. Once the IPhone 4S updated to 5.1.1, i lost all voice and SMS capability. i have tried to reload it, only to get the surprise the software update is actually a firmware update! From the word on the streets this issue isn't that rare.Its about this time, i am hoping Apple pulls through with a patch otherwise, i have a very expensive i Touch. My husband took mine to the Apple Store today while I was at work, so didn't see the whole thing, but...toggled the mute button on the side next to the volume adjustment, and it works.Thankyou in advance (Please free to post your own i OS 5.1.1 issues and any workarounds! Apps that are already downloaded on my phone will not load, safari will not load, and email will not load here and there. I restart my Laptop and restart ITunes and connect IPhone again. Sometimes opening an app or scrolling lags for several seconds.

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It usually doesn't work at all after 10 pm which is odd. What's happening to apple/iphone 4s support, they don't have any answers to all those questions.

Apple released the latest i OS 9.3.4, just over two weeks later than i OS 9.3.3 release, which is said to provide an important security update for i Phone and i Pad for i OS users. Then i Tunes will send a message as the image shows.

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