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12-Jun-2017 07:01

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Continuously receive emails saying that some persons want to meet me.Go to app nothing there and when there is it is only trying to direct me to This is happening to thousands of people around the world and it has been doing this to me for 6 months now.It sucks because I am a man in my late 20s and there is a ton of girls on there around the same age as me.I am 55 years old & thought that guys my age would be more genuine but I am so wrong.

The Ad On Tv tell you that the site is free and you can Chat and meet anyone after nearly a year of trying this site I spoke to 3 ladies that turned out to be scammers and were reported but nothing doing and one supposed date but they never showed up at all.So [name removed] (the founder of pot is a crook) not to mention the reason behind so many broken hearts.Once several woman confessed this too me I was out of there. Years ago this site was great it was FREE it was quality.Other dating apps, it's mostly women way older than me. It's waste of money they want you to sign up for upgrade they get your details then you can't stop them from taking money out your account. Ridiculous amount of fake profiles trying to direct you to other websites and yes you get spammed with "someone wants to meet you" alerts which of course you have to upgrade to see and then you just find out it's just spammers/scammers.

I try to cancel my membership they don't want to help or you call the number you get this line not connected. I reckon they also run chat bots on legit looking profiles, for example i could message someone saying "Hi, how's your weekend going?

If I was anyone wanting a dating site this isn't the one to use.