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The ‘78ers are the valiant group people who gathered at Taylor Square on a Saturday in June 1978 to march down Oxford street at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act. This surreal procession includes 40 special dinner guests – celebrating key artists, designers and characters who have created iconic Mardi Gras costumes and characters that have all been such big part of Mardi Gras’ history: including a tribute to Ron Muncaster featuring one of the very first costumes he made and the very last costume he made before he passed away in 2017; a stunning Peter Tully inspired costume; recreations of Brenton Heath-Kerr’s costume.When this flamboyant and marvellous procession gets to Taylor Square it becomes a fascinating tableau - the poster magically turns into a massive table, the oversized chairs go around the table, the colourful guests take their seats, the waiters hand out specially made pink glittered champagne glasses, and the guests toast to 40 years of Mardi Gras as the champagne bottle explodes pink and silver flutter over the entire scene. The Order of Perpetual Indulgence - Sydney House ‘Still Here, Still Queer’ “We are an order of Sydney based gay male nuns and lesbian monks in Gay, Lesbian and other communities supporting people's natural right to live and love whomever they wish, in the way that is natural for them.The Other 39'ers - ‘Special Moments and Memories’ “We are past directors, volunteers, employees, and parade participants who have shared in the highs and lows of Mardi Gras over the last 39 years subsequent to 1978.For us Mardi Gras has provided the vehicle for creative, satirical and irreverent expression of our diverse differences and validation of our lives through community.“This year will take us back to where it all began for the First Nations peoples LGTBQI community in the parade.The float will be led by an historical Aboriginal flag that was created by a group of our LGTBQI in the community as well as the Captain Cook costume that was worn by the late Malcolm Cole in the original 1988 float 30 years ago.

Alex Greenwich MP & Lord Mayor Clover Moore "Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich MP will once again join forces for parade entry to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.The theme highlights that we can be successful in achieving equality in all LGBTQI communities around Australia, including Indigenous peoples.” 5.78ers For the 40 anniversary Parade, more 78ers than ever before are joining us, reuniting from across Australia. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - ‘The Evolutionary Dinner Party’ A wonderfully bizarre and theatrical dinner procession to celebrate 40 years of Mardi Gras, featuring: iconic Mardi Gras costumes; 26 waiters in stylized ‘Klaus Nomi inspired’ black & white costumes pushing hot pink butterfly chairs; a giant champagne bottle; an enormous 2018 Evolutionary poster and a number of surprises served up on platters for dinner.We work towards a world where loving someone of the same sex is not a crime, nor is it a reason for shame.

We wear antiquated, outdated religious habits which parody the antiquated, outdated views still held by established religions and those people that propagate hatred and bigotry.” 8.

Over thirteen years, through countless conversations, local forums across the country and the efforts of so many, this group helped to open up hundreds of thousands of hearts and minds on the issue of marriage equality.