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You have to start by finding out what opportunities exist in your school. Talk to parents, students, guidance counselor, principal, guidance secretary.

Sometimes there are hidden opportunities that you don’t get without knowing exactly what to ask for.

I think he would benefit from having an inclusion teacher. Sinclair: Mauri- I asked the same for my daughter with Down Syndrome in elementary.

NISD in TX would love to have that available, but frankly, in the public system- there is no money to pay the wages of an inclusion or adaptive assistant per child.

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However after only reading her iep the director of special Ed has decided she would fit best in a reverse inclusion.

She will be moving to middle school next year, where there is a community based program, of 6 kids, all of whom are significant delayed and lower functioning than my daughter.

This is the program the district will place my daughter.

For information about the program, go to Hope we see you there!

Pam Wright LRE / Inclusion: ENVIRONMENT TOO RESTRICTIVE Kristin: My 10 year old daughter has Down syndrome.She is in an inclusive 5th grade classroom but pulled out for 2.75 hours with 8 other kids into the classroom next-door for reading and math daily.(1 hour with 2 additional kids) She is making good progress, is very social, does not need assistance outside of academics.She is now in a resource room with seven boys, she only has a regular class time during gym art and music.

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